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If you prefer to host your web-site on a Windows server, we can develop a custom dynamic web-site for you using classic ASP (Active server pages).

ASP is the web-site scripting language developed by Microsoft and it runs on Windows Server having IIS (Internet Information Server). It is the second most-popular web-site language after PHP with 30% market-share.

ASP can connect to a number of databases to display dynamic information, such as customer data, product details, etc. The most common databases are:

  • MS-Excel - for very small data.
  • SQL Server Express - for medium size data upto 4 GB.

Typical ASP Web Applications are database driven dynamic websites, websites having Registration/Login and password protected pages, Online Product catalogs and E-Commerce web-sites.

Our ASP Development services are:

  • Design & Development of custom ASP web-sites.
  • Content Management System (CMS) for managing your content.
  • Maintenance of existing ASP websites.
  • Integration with third party ASP components for file upload, mails etc.