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PHP is a widely used web-site development language used for development of dynamic websites. We have been developing custom database driven dynamic website solutions using PHP scripting language and MySQL database since 1999. The current version of PHP is 7.1.1 (released on 19 Jan 2017).

PHP/MySQL programming provides the following advantages:

Open-source technology - you are not tied to a proprietory technology
PHP/MySQL runs on a wide range of Operating Systems. It comes inbuilt with Linux, Unix but it also runs on Windows.
Performance Benchmarks have shown MySQL to be one of the fastest databases.
Apart from MySQL, PHP supports a large number of databases (SQL Server is supported through ODBC).
A vast number of free open source php applications are available for common requirements such as Forum, Blog, Wiki, Shopping Cart, Wiki, etc.

Typical PHP Web Applications:

PHP is generally used for database driven dynamic websites.
Websites having Registration/Login and password protected pages.
Forums, Blogs, CMS, Wiki
Online Product catalogs and E-Commerce web-sites.
Payment Gateway Integration.

Our Website Programming Solutions are:

Database design & web development.
Content Management System (CMS) for managing your database. We can work with a Opensource CMS like Joomla or create a Custom CMS.
Integration of website database with offline programs.
Conversion of websites from other scripts (PERL, ASP, JSP) to PHP.
Shifting of websites from one Host to another.
Maintenance and modifications to existing php/MySQL websites.
Payment Gateways - These enable you to accept online payments on your web-site.
Installation and Modifications to Open-source CRM Applications.
Joomla CMS based Website Design and E-commerce Portals.

We offer FREE advice and quotation for all database and programming work. Our aim is to be helpful, affordable and deliver the solution that you want. Please give us a try. We also provide you with suggestions to help you select Web Hosting Services to host your web-site.