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Offshore Software development in India

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We provide the following offshore Custom Software development services from India:

Database application Software Development for small & medium enterprises(SMEs).
Maintenance of existing Software applications (DOS/Windows).
Conversion of Software applications from one language / platform to another.

We use the following Software development Languages for Software Development:

Visual Basic 6.0 (VB)
Visual FoxPro 9.0 - VFP is ideal for small to medium database applications and includes its own development and database system.
Dbase, Foxpro, Clipper, Pascal, C++ - We do not undertake development of new Systems in these languages, but if you have an existing system, you can contact us for conversion to VFP or another newer language.

VB6, VFP can also be used along with SQL Server DBMS. For smaller applications, there is also a fully-functional Free version (SQL Express) with a database limit of 4 GB.

Although we develop database applications as per user-specific requirements, some of the Typical Software development Applications are:

Accounts Book-keeping, Debitor and Creditor Administration
Sale, Purchase and Inventory Management Systems
DTA, ESR Payments - These are used in Switzerland and Germany for sending payments to vendors (DTA) and sending Invoices to Customers (ESR).