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History of Visual Foxpro

Visual Foxpro (VFP) owes its origins to the Xbase family of database programming languages. These started with the Dbase language in the eighties, followed by Foxbase and Clipper. Foxbase (later Foxpro) had first a Windows version and then came out with Visual Foxpro. VFP has seen many versions starting from 3.0 through to the current version 9.0.

Visual Foxpro features

Visual Foxpro is well suited to development of business application for SMEs. It has its own front-end and also the database back-end, but it can also be used with back-end databases such as SQL Server.

Problems with Legacy Programs

Many companies are still using legacy business applications which were developed in these Xbase languages. Though these programs have proved their worth over time, some of the typical problems faced by users are lack of support, incompatibility with modern printers and non-availability of source code etc.

Our program conversion services

We specialise in the migration of such Xbase applications to Windows based Visual Foxpro applications. Since the existing data is of vital importance, apart from converting the program, we can also migrate the existing data from the DOS version and build-in additional features standard with Windows application. We currently develop under Visual Foxpro 9.0, but can also work under older versions of Visual Foxpro. Apart from VFP, depending upon customers preferences, we can also convert the application to Visual Basic.

If you have an existing legacy application requiring conversion to Visual Foxpro, please feel free to contact us for a FREE assessment.