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A web-site undergoes many distinct stages during its life:

  • Conceptualisation & determination of requirements
  • Development & launch
  • Modifications & maintenance

Whereas the first two stages are generally within a limited time-span, the web-site maintenance is an extended phase. It is characterised by the following:

  • It is a long-drawn out phase extending into the full life of the web-site.
  • The requirements may be limited and sporadic.

We provide the following Web-site maintenance services for both ASP & PHP Web-sites:

  • Minor modifications, e.g. change in address, price, product & service details.
  • Addition of new web-pages necessiated by addition of new products & services.
  • Conversion of web-sites developed in older languages to newer technologies and web-hosts.
  • Optimisation & fine-tuning of the web-sites in accordance with search-engine guideleines.
  • Shifting of websites from one Host to another.
  • We also undertake Maintenance & modifications of websites developed by other developers.